Proudly Made In America

Proudly Made In America


We are a business of continuous improvement focused on Quality, Customer Service and Value to establish strong and sustained partnerships.

By maintaining our focus on these principles we will continue to gain a reputation as an industry leader in the manufacturing of custom built electrical assemblies.


Custom Manufactured Wire Harnesses

Martin Interconnect is an industry leader in custom manufactured wire harness assemblies for some of the largest and best quality manufactured products on the market.  With over 20 years of experience we have built relationships that have allowed us to penetrate several industries. Our significant growth over the past several years has been a byproduct of these relationships.

Martin Interconnect has built relationships in several business sectors including but not limited to Marine, Automotive, Agricultural and appliances large and small.  We continue to fund growth through investment in technology and infrastructure.  Our processes are driven to be compliant with WHMA A-620 while meeting the special requirements of each industry we serve.

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Custom Manufactured Wire Harnesses

Martin Interconnect provides products that are compatible with several industry CAN Nework Standards including J-1939 and NMEA-2000. Our core competency is the manufacturing of complex custom wiring harnesses to suit a vast array of needs both large and small.  We also provide top quality battery cables for various applications. Each cable is custom made for our clients and their specific needs and thoroughly tested to ensure overall quality. 

We also provide wire enclosures to for varied applications. These are necessary to safely mount switches, knobs, connections, displays and other electrical components to prevent external damage from their mounted environments. Sometimes found inside these enclosures are panel assemblies, Martin Interconnect is proud to build panel assemblies for a large array of applications. We can help you design your panel from concept to reality to assembly, component mounting to wiring, to final testing and production. We assist you every step of the way.

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Quality Control and Accountability

Quality built wiring harnesses are critical to the performance of any electrical system.  Continuity issues, poor crimps or solder joints, wrong connectors impact production lines, field service, warranty claims and customer satisfaction.  We are committed to upholding the reputation that our customers have built by providing quality build product that will continue to make them industry leaders.

Employee Training and Process Control is a primary focus of Martin Interconnect.  Prior to employees being able log into any department they must be certified and be currently trained on all training modules required to perform that task.  All training records are tracked for each employee and re-certification is required on a monthly schedule to ensure that proper training is continuously reinforced.

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Precision Processes

Splices / Solder Joints are common in the construction of wire harnesses.  Producing a quality splice is essential as they are embedded within a harness and most of the time are very difficult to access once the harness is installed.  We construct splices using thru-splice equipment, but we also have the capability of performing ultrasonic welds.

Martin Interconnect has produced harnesses with numerous styles of coverings. Overbraiding is utilized in many applications and results in a harness that is abrasion resistant, doesn’t hold moisture and produces a smaller diameter bundle than split loom. Also, due to the special equipment required, harnesses are tamperproof. The yarn used in the process is flame retardant as well.

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Services Tailored To Your Needs


Martin Interconnect has an Engineering team that has many years of experience in the wire harness industry. As our customers are the experts in their respective fields and know how their product functions and interfaces with different devices, we are here to provide our expertise in the wire harness field. 

Martin Interconnect also provides drafting services. We have partnered with our customers to go on-site and assist in design efforts, documenting the electrical system and generating the drawings. We have also generated system documentation from samples provided by our customers.

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MIS culture is based on these 6 core values for growth and success.

Diversity : Our success lies in our differences
Accountability: Our goals are reached as a team
Dedication: Taking pride in what we do
Integrity: Doing the right thing… Every time
Quality: Never comprising
Commitment: To each other; to our customers, to excellence

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A  message from our leadership:


Our management philosophy at Martin Interconnect Services is to generate a culture of continuous improvement.  We are committed to investing in our future to make ourselves the best organization possible for our employees, suppliers and customers.

We strive to be an organization that fosters relationships.  We want to be a good business partner to our suppliers, a place our employees are proud to work and a supplier that is vested in our customers interest.


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